Adding custom report as web part, but couldn't found it

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Herman asked a question on 9 Apr 2013 12:42 AM

Hello everyone

I'm trying to add a custom made report (on our own cubes) to the AX role center.

When I access the report in the browser of the AX machine, it works.


But when I try to add it as a web part in the role centers the browse window shows some strange directories. Don't know from where they are (maybe it uses its own report server?).


Can someone help me adding this report as a web part? How can I get my report in this dialog box?

I'm searching on it for quite a long time now and any help is welcome :)

Thanks in advance!

Renaud PAQUAY responded on 9 Apr 2013 2:26 AM


Are you sure you have selected the correct WebPart type ?

When adding a "Dynamics AX Report" web party type, you should see the following :

And when you edit the newly added webpart, the following :

Herman responded on 9 Apr 2013 3:15 AM

These are standard reports that come installed with AX.

We developed our own cubes and own reports, and would like to show one of our own reports.

The reports have been deployed and are accessible in the browser in http://reportserver/reports but we can't get them in AX.

Thank you for your help!

Ben Buresh AX Information Experience responded on 10 Apr 2013 9:03 AM

This topic describes how to create a custom report based on data in the default cubes, and then view the report in either a menu item or on a role center. The steps should be similar to what you are trying to accomplish.