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Chris Haley asked a question on 22 Apr 2013 2:46 AM


I am using master planning (in AX2012 CU3) to generate planned orders and when I firm those planned orders I choose extended marking, which automatically links the created purchase order line physically and financially to the sales order(s) based on the pegging.

We wanted to make use of the request for quotation feature in AX for some of the generated planned orders, however when we use the button to convert the planned order to a request for quote, the planned order and its associated pegging appear to be discarded. This means that when the time comes to accept a request for quotation reply, there is no longer a planned order to firm and therefore the option to create extented marking is not available.

Can anybody suggest a good way to incorporate the RFQ process without losing the ability to automatically mark the PO against the demand that created it? We are talking about large numbers of items at a time, so the last thing we want to be doing is manually creating seperate documents. If system development is the only option, what changes would you make to allow this process to work?

André Arnaud de Calavon responded on 22 Apr 2013 6:17 AM


Check the Inventory and warehouse parameters. There is a field "Reserve ordered items". Is this field marked? Otherwise it might be not possible from standard AX.

Chris Haley responded on 23 Apr 2013 6:59 AM

Hi André, thanks for your reply.

Good thinking, but that field is already checked so it doesn't help.

Kyle W. responded on 14 May 2014 11:24 AM

I have a customer who also needs marking for their RFQ's  Please vote to have this feature added in a future version of AX: