Approve AND Post Daily Ledger Journal Through Workflow

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SKYLARK asked a question on 27 Jun 2013 8:06 AM

Is it possible to approve and post (at the same time of approval) regular journal entries through AX 2012 workflow?  If so, how would we accomplish this?

Zvika Rimalt responded on 27 Jun 2013 1:33 PM

There is an out of the box functionality that may help you.

It is not directly related to Workflow:

You can run a batch process that will post un-posted journal.

The process is called "Post Journals" and can be accessed on GL > Periodic > Journals > Post Journals

- The batch can be configured to execute every day on a specific time

- You can define a filter on fields 'Journal Type' and 'Journal Name' in order to only post certain journal types

- You need to filter on field "Workflow Status" = "Approved" to only try to post approved journals.

Dan Vandermeulen responded on 5 Sep 2013 2:50 PM

Any luck getting this to work?

I created a batch process on GL>periodic>Journals>Post journals filtered on a specific journal type and name.  The batch runs fine the first iteration.  However, every subsequent recurrence set up runs successfully however nothing gets posted.  

When I look at the batch job history > view tasks > parameters (which brings you to a Post Journals screen) nothing is populated.  I click on select and see my filter I set up, click ok and i now see the journals i was expecting to be posted.  

It is almost as if I need an automated process to populate this Post journal screen before the batch to post journals is scheduled to run.