Production Orders – Returning Materials to Stock (Picking List Journal)

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Melvin Barquero asked a question on 28 Jun 2013 2:15 PM

How can I return materials to the warehouse from a Picking List Journal line in a Production Order?

The scenario is that a Picking List journal is created at the beginning of the production order, then the materials are picked from the inventory. Subsequently the Journal is recorded indicating amounts of consumption minors to the proposals.

When I try to “Report as Finished” the order, AX2012 tell me that no all materials are release.  This is because some quantity’s still remain “Picked”.

Basically what I need is to "unpick" the materials which have already been picked for the production order and return them to the warehouse.  

Some people suggest to create a negative Picking List Journal but this didn’t work so fine.  Also there is a check box call “Return” in the journal line but is blocked!!

I think this is a very common scenario, but I can figured out how to return this material back and keep tracking to the warehouse, for example through the “Arrival Overview” or a “Item arrival Journal” and obviously report as finished the production order.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance…

Steven Weaver responded on 30 Jun 2013 10:06 PM

If the journal is recorded short ensure the end flag is ticked on the line (at journal generation is better) and then the short quantity is taken as closing the line so you do not get the message at RAF.

If you have posted the journal prior to recording you would need to raise another pick list journal and enter the unpicked as negative quantities. Can you tell us why this did not "work so fine" for you?

It is very common and people take one of two approaches generally - confirm and post when they know what they have used, create a second journal and manually record the differences. My question would be if you are posting the journal at start and subsequently confirming - why are you doing this?

Melvin Barquero responded on 2 Jul 2013 9:46 AM

Hi Weaveriski... Thanks for answer...

The steps are:

1. Release the production order

2. A shipment is automatically created with the output orders for the materials.

3. A picking route is executed, and the shipment is completed.

4. Start the production order (this create the journal. No posting yet)

5. Confirm quantities in the journal (lower)

6. Post the Journal.

I try with the "END FLAG" but when I try to post the journal AX2012 give me this error:

"The quantity cannot be reduced. The number of inventory transactions on order is too low because the quantity or part of it is referenced by an output order or a production order or is marked against other transactions. The journal is not posted and the update is canceled."

I think this is because the material status is picked. Maybe some parameter I am missing somewhere to let me use this approach?

If I use the second approach (second journal), Do I have to manually indicates the negative quantities? How can I reference this new negative line with the remained quantity of the first journal?

Thanks in advance again.

Steven Weaver responded on 3 Jul 2013 9:05 AM

Not really my area WMSII but I believe this is your issue, you are processing the required amount through the picking route and shipment. Basically if you have processed 10 in then you cannot process 8 and end the job because it leaves 2 in limbo so you get the message you are getting.

On the creation of the manual pick list there are drop down options on creation and one I believe is negative so you could post the original for all and a negative for the short, not pretty and there may well be other settings but my exposure to WMSII in production is nothing I am afraid.

Melvin Barquero responded on 8 Jul 2013 2:52 PM

Yes Weaveriski, I just like you said in first paragraph, AX2012 prevents to leaves those quantities in the limbo, and yes, there is an option on the manual creation of the journal (Picking List / Create Lines), but it says “Full reversal”.

If I use this I could erase the lines of the new journal once it is created and leave only the lines I am interest in return to the warehouse, but it is not very practical or functional.

I find odd that AX2012 handle this situation in this way… There is something missing somewhere…

Steven Weaver responded on 9 Jul 2013 12:29 AM

Although it states "Full Reversal" there are other options and these are only the starting point, you can delete lines and post the correct quantities - it does not mean you have to post a full reversal. As for you finding it odd and you are missing something that could be true, as I stated I am not familiar with WMSII however there are many many areas and processes in AX where the functionality stops and there is either no way or a long way around so you may prepare to feel odd a bit more :-)

Melvin Barquero responded on 9 Jul 2013 8:52 AM

Jaja... Well… Thanks anyway...