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Hi all,

I am working on AX 2009 and I have 2 servers a live server and a test one. I sometimes modify reports and rather than do it on the live server which is the one that everybody at my company use, I modify the reports on my Test version of AX, I test them to see if they work as expected and after that I put them on the live version so everybody can use these reports.

Here is my problem though, sometimes I don't want the new version of the report that I modify take the orignal report's place, some time I want the 2 versions to be available to the end user but I don't know how. Right now when I finnish my report in test, I export it, then I import it into the live version and the system tells me there is already a reprt with this name, do I wish to change it for the new version? And if I say yes it takes the place of the previous report, if I say know it stops the importation. Late say I have the SalesLineExtended report, and that I modify it in the test AX2009 and I change its name to SalesLineExtendedModif, how can I do to make the 2 sales Extended report to be available to my user on Account Receivable Module?

Thank you in advance


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  • Hi,

    right click on your report in test, duplicate so the system generate new Id , then change the name for it and import it into live.



  • Hi ,

    please try following for your scenarios :

    1. when any AX report needs to modified , then choose that report in the AOT and do the changes , after which you can export and import in live. this will override the version which is in live and your version of report will be available.

    2. When you want to AX default report and your customized report to the client follow below steps :

    a. Create the copy of default ax report in AOT , and change the name of the report you want. customize this new report having different name.

    b. Create a different menu item , set the properties of the menu item like - object type as report and object with select the name report(for which you changed the name). this will enable your report being triggered from the menu item you created.

    c. Export the xpo in live. and you will have two reports default and the one you customized.

    hope i have answered your question sufficiently.

    happy daxing :)


    Kapil Manshukhani


    AX Person