internal error number 25 in script ax 2012 R2

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Brad Higginson asked a question on 19 Sep 2013 8:41 AM

When creating a post event handler on a public display method in AX2012 R2 it displays "internal error number 25 in script" and when you click ok the client crashes and closes.  If I switch the type of event from post to pre it runs fine.

I have made simple post events that just show a message to test this on multiple display methods.  If the display method has the server modifier on it then the code will run.  If the display method specifies client or nothing (which means called from) which is client then it shows the script error and crashes.

I put the breakpoint in the method that had the event handler subscription and it will crash right when it leaves the method and before it enters the event handler.  so it is crashing before it even tries to create the instance of the class with the handler.

Any suggestions?

gl00mie responded on 20 Sep 2013 6:49 AM

Eventing doesn't work across tiers. Does your event handler run on the same tier as the display method in question?

Brad Higginson responded on 20 Sep 2013 7:00 AM

Yes, it is running on the same tier.  If I switch it to a pre subscription it runs perfectly fine.  Switch it back to post and it crashes.