BizTalk & Azure for AX Mobile

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Eitan Mizrahi asked a question on 12 Jan 2014 12:01 AM


I am just checking the abilities for developing to mobile application (both for AX 2009 & AX 2012).

The application shall support also android aos mobiles ,iphone, win-mobile.

As suggestion from this forum, in AX 2009, AIF shall be used for intranet purpose, and for use in internet, I shall install the biztalk server to be able to convert my web-service aif files to the internet.

I did some search, and found :

This is about 10,000$ just for first glace checking ability for mobile application at AX 2009!!!

I don't know azure price, and whether I can do some things in order to configure it to AX 2009 (maybe I shall write by my own to BIZTALK side - it only for converting AIF web-service format of AX 2009 to proofed format).

Also, need to be able to connect to AX 2012.

What is the preferred architecture?

Thanks :)

Martin Dráb responded on 12 Jan 2014 3:49 AM

If you don't need features provided by BizTalk, just don't use BizTalk. If you need to convert between many different formats (e.g. you're communicating with many vendor-specific systems), having a middle-tier service to handle that is a great idea. But if you need to communicate with a single interface only, you can create a custom web service, a custom AIF adapter, XSLT transformation or whatever you need in your case. Your AX and your Azure mobile service can communicate directly via web servcies; BizTalk would likely just add complexity and costs.

If you decide that you need BizTalk for some reason, consider Azure BizTalk Services.

Eitan Mizrahi responded on 12 Jan 2014 9:33 AM

using biztalk seems like killing a fly with a machine gun.

I presume not needing that but other alternatives with less cost as much.

can you give me some guidlines to Aif adapters, or aif to xslt transform code?

or is it best way to write the web service in c# rather using aif (and do all thing by bussiness connector in code)

Thanks :)

Martin Dráb responded on 12 Jan 2014 12:01 PM

Your choice inevitable depends on what exactly you want to achieve, such as whether you need synchronous (web service) or asynchronous (adapter-based) communication.

To create a custom AIF adapter, implement AifIntegrationAdapter interface. Check out the existing adapters to get some picture.

AX2009 supports XML transformations in pipelines.

Creating Custom Dynamics AX Services describes how to deal with custom services in AX2009.

Eitan Mizrahi responded on 12 Jan 2014 1:29 PM

thank you.

I will read that...

Nevertheless, I  would like to know exactly azure price for mobile application (with all the prerequestees - ad fs, azures service bus. enabling all the mobile devices, anroid, iphone, win. mobile, and ability to develop.

I have my own ax 2012 installed, wit database, vs 2012.

I need to know how much to  add  for azure (for mobile application).