Connection between BC and AOS failed...

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NaM28 asked a question on 19 Jan 2012 7:34 AM

We have got a web-based ( time sheet system which uses Business Connector for creating and updating hour transactions (by calling corresponding AX method). The time sheet handles 6 companies, therefore i can see 1 Business Connector user and 6 Web users in AX Online users.

The application uses windows authentication.

In case when 2 user save hours parallel, the exception below occurs: The server terminated the session.

After that: Communication between the client and the server failed.

A new event was occurred in event log of web server:

RPC exception 3758096384 occurred in session 8


It works fine with one user saving hour...

Any ideas?

Thank you!

NaM28 responded on 23 Jan 2012 12:49 AM


We seemed to figure out what was the problem.

The connection was created with one Web User session with each company. When we tried to write simultaneously in the same company if wouldn't let us. So we have to create one Web User session within AX2009 for each web client call. We didn't know this.

This raise another question: how can we kill these Web User sessions if the web browser closes (with logOff the status is Inactive, without logOff is still Running )?

For any chance, can they be killed in AX environment?

Do you have any best practice using these sessions?

Thanks in advance.