Why is the application slow during JV run?

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I am using Microsoft ERP and facing slow response within all functionalities of the Application while JV Creation / Posting process is running. The Application works fine when JV Creation / Posting process is not running. This behaviour is observed during the day time when 25+ users are logged into the ERP system. The JV Creation / Posting process refers 7 Database tables. Also during the day time, the JV creation / posting process takes a very very long time. Sometimes upto 24 hours. I am facing this since I migrated the JV package and Database to a new 64 Bit, Windows 2008 server with 32 GB memory.




But please note, the same JV creation / posting process completes within the expected time during night (about 3 hours).




I was not facing the above mentioned issue on my old server that was Windows 2003, 16 GB, 32 Bit processor.




Can anybody help me with some pointers?

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  • Em... what's a JV?

  • Thank you for you response. It is a batch process that extracts business data from multiple database tables (about 7 different tables). It involving creation and posting of business data. It is purely a business function that is carried out within AX. Let me know if you need more information, I will do my best to explain further.

  • JV - Journal Vouchers - related to financials transactions done in the system.

  • So... you have some functionality that creates and posts journals and it makes your system operate very slowly, right? What kind of journals are created by this functionality, inventory, or general ledger, or?.. How many lines is each journal on average? And which version of AX do you use?

  • Hi Ashwin,

    We are also facing similar issue with AX 2009 SP1. Wwhile posting reversal JV [as the cusotmer terms as Provisional JV] which contains around 2000 lines, it takes around 2 hrs and 40 mins. What is the number of lines that you are trying to post (?).

    Were you able to identify bottleneck areas and work towards improving the performance  (?). Do share your expericence.


    .. Priyadarshi Ranjan
  • GL journal posting involves some algorithms that have non-linear complexity dependancy from the number of journal lines, so if you post a huge (>500 lines) ledger journal then you can reduce the overall posting time by splitting it into several smaller journals - unless all the journal lines have the same voucher which is hopefully not your case. Go to GL/Settings/Journals/Journal Names, find the name you use for those huge journals, and set "Lines limit" to a reasonable number, say 200 (anyway not more then 500). In that case this limit will be copied into new journal headers with that name, and the GL journal posting mechanism will split those journals into smaller ones during posting; of course all the lines with the same voucher and trans date will remain in the same journal. For an existing unposted journal you can set the limit manulally.