"One or more accounting distribution is missing a ledger account or ...

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Torben Andresen @ Consentur asked a question on 23 Apr 2012 2:32 PM

... contains a ledger account that is not valid. Use the Accounting distribution form or the Posting profile to update the ledger account"

Hi Dynamics AX experts :-).

I'm struggling with setting up a very basic company in AX 2012. I have setup ledger accounts for all the posting types under Inventory Management/Setup/Posting... And I have created a Posting Profile that applies to all vendors.

Still, when creating a purchase order there is no ledger account applied to the distribution setup. I can confirm the order, but as soon as I try to do anything the requires posting to the ledger I receive an error like the one above.

Has anyone struggled with this too, and mayby found a solution?

Thanks in advance,


Torben Andresen @ Consentur responded on 24 Apr 2012 3:42 AM

Follow up. Apparently I can't post anything to Ledger. I just did a complete setup of projects and project catagories to try out posting in the project module. Now I get an error indicating that the accounts haven't been setup, though they are.

Am I missing some kind of global financial dimension setup?

Pranav Kumar responded on 28 Apr 2012 1:35 AM

Seems there is some problem with COA configuration. One of posting account has not been included in active COA configuration.


Gregory Lyman responded on 18 Jan 2013 2:03 PM

This is probably more than you wanted.  But I've been through the pain on this one.  It helps to understand what's happening.

1. First Go to: Inventory and Warehouse Management > Setup > Posting > Transaction Combinations. This form allows you to define how you want to associate your financial accounts with your items. Look at the options under the heading labeled ‘Item Relation’:

a. You can tell the system that you want to associate your financial accounts to your items on an item by item basis by selecting the ‘Activate Item Relation Table’ checkbox.

b. You can tell the system that you want to associate your financial accounts to item groups by selecting the ‘Activate Item Relation Group’ checkbox.

c. You can tell the system that you want to associate your financial accounts to item categories within a catalog by selecting the ‘Activate Item Relation Category’ checkbox.

d. Finally, you can tell the system that you want to associate your financial accounts to all items by selecting the ‘Activate Item Relation All’ checkbox.

e. You can select any or all of the above Checkboxes.

2. Once you have set this up, go to: Inventory and Warehouse Management > Setup > Posting > Posting. This is the form where you set up the relationship between Items, Accounts and transactions. For example, if I needed to specify the default expense account that I wanted associated to the purchase of a given expense item, I would:

a. Click on the Purchase Order tab and select the ‘Purchase Expenditure for Expense’ radio button.

b. Click the ‘Add’ button to get a new record.

c. Under the ‘Item Code’ field, select ‘Table’, ‘Group’, ‘Category’ or ‘All’. This tells the system whether you want this account

i. Applied only for a single expensed item (Select ‘Table)

ii. Applied to all items in an item group (Select ‘Group’)

iii. Applied to all items in a Catalog \ Category (Select ‘Category’)

iv. Applied to all items in the system (Select ‘All’)

d. If you selected ‘Table’ or ‘Group’ in the ‘Item code’ field, you must select the specific item or item group as appropriate in the ‘Item Relation’ field.

e. If you selected ‘Category’ in the ‘Item Code’ field you will skip the ‘Item Relation’ field and select the appropriate Category in the ‘Category Relation’ field.

f. If you selected ‘All’ in the item code, the ‘Item Relation’ and ‘Category Relation’ fields will not be editable since they don’t apply.

g. Finally, enter the account number that you want associated with this item or these items in this transaction type in the ‘Main Account’ field.

h. Now, when this type of transaction is created for this item or for any item in the group or category depending on how you set it up, it will post to the specified account and you will not get the error anymore.

i. The ‘Account Code’, ‘Account Relation’ and ‘Sales Tax group’ fields are used for complex operations where a posting can go to different accounts based on a specific Account \ Account Group \ Sales Tax Group combinations.

Aman_Kumar responded on 20 Jan 2013 9:50 AM


You may also want to check the "Posting definition" setup. Please ensure that the "Posting definition" check box is not marked in GL parameters->Ledger->Use posting definition. In case this check box is marked, then you will have to define the posting definition for purchase order in GL->Setup->Posting->Posting definition.

The other reasons for this issue could be an incomplete account structure setup. Ensure that dimension definitions have been configured for all GL accounts.

Violaine responded on 31 Jul 2013 5:41 PM


This error message appears because one or several ledger accounts are missing in the setup. You have to fix the posting profile setup (for the next purchase orders) and the line of the purchase order.

Go here to have details of steps to follow and screenshots: vsdynamicsfinance.wordpress.com/.../one-or-more-accounting-distribution-is-missing-a-ledger-account