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Veronika Filonenko asked a question on 8 Jun 2012 8:27 AM






 I Get an error message when i try to publish. It says ` Field 'Journal batch number' must be filled in.Error found when validating record.Creation has been canceled...

the problem is that

IT IS FIELD IN!!!! it even gives me back the the journal batch number that i've enter with the error? I've try differt names and places = NOTHING

What is wrong?

HELP please

Bill 'Luther' Thompson responded on 11 Jun 2012 6:51 AM


Here is a walkthough for creating a general journal in Excel via the Dynamics AX 2012 Office Add-in.  Is it possible you didn't drag all required fields into the worksheet.  This should show you the steps to successfully get the records into the system.

1.       Deploy the service: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 includes a general journal service which enables creation but not updates of journal entries for GL, Customer, and Vendor accounts. Project and Fixed Asset journal entries are not supported in the out-of the box service.

a.       Ensure that the service is registered, which occurs when users perform the Initialize AIF action in the initialization checklist. If it is not registered, use the AOT to navigate to Services, click LedgerGeneralJournalService, click Add-ins, and then click Register service from the right click menu.

b.       Open the Inbound Ports Screen. Go to System Administration, click Setup, click Services and Application Integration Framework, and then click Inbound Ports to activate the LedgerServices port. Users may wish to set up document logging if they wish to track the document changes that are sent over the port. Alternatively, users may create a new Enhanced Port, and add the service operations to that support.

2.       Expose to Office Add-ins: Navigate to Organization Administration, click Setup, click Document Management, click Document Data Sources and add the LedgerGeneralJournalService to the list as shown in figure 75. This will enable the service to show up in the Add Data dialog from the office add-in. Note that the name is different here than the service group name which was used in step 1.

3.       Choose the service: In the Dynamics AX Contextual tab in Excel, choose the service that has been exposed in step 2:

4.      Insert fields: This is a very simple example with no default dimensions or offset accounts, but will give an idea of how to proceed. Insert the fields in two separate lists by positioning the cursor appropriately and double click on the fields.

a.      Header: Journal Batch Number, Description, Name

b.      Lines: Journal Batch Number, Date, Company Accounts, Account type, Description, LedgerDimension.MainAccount, Debit, Credit


5.      Close the field chooser: When the field chooser is open, users may delete or add columns. To read or create data, users must close the field chooser.

6.      Refresh Data: To ensure things are working, if the user has journal entries, refresh the data to see what entries exist.

7.      Set filter: Set the filter to narrow down the number of entries that are shown. For instance, if the highest entry is 000420_010, users may enter a filter as shown below so that only a few header line combinations are shown in the sheet. More about this in the Notes and restrictions section following the walkthrough.

8.      Refresh Data: To have the new filter impact the data on the worksheet, press Refresh Data.

9.      Create new entry(s): Create a new header and line. Use a temporary value for the Journal Batch Number, say New_1, and make sure it matches in both header and line. Note that once these identity fields are typed in, they cannot be changed. Users would need to delete that line and re-enter it. Users may enter multiple headers and multiple lines for each header.

10. Publish Data: Press the publish data button, which will send the new records to the server. If there are errors, they will be displayed in the status sheet and you may make adjustments and re-submit the erroneous records.

11. Create new header: Create a new header by filling out appropriate values. Users may use the Field Lookup button to choose new account numbers provided that all of the segments in the account structure are on.

Notes and restrictions:

·         No Update: The service, as shipped only supports create. This means users cannot read and then update existing journal entries. This also means users cannot add a single line to the existing journal entry. A specific service or customization can address this.

·         Fixed asset and project: There is no support for Fixed Asset or Project entries using the out of the box service, and there are challenges in building one due to the more complex nature of those journal entries, though it is possible and we will likely provide an example of such in the future.

·         Customer and Vendor: For customer and vendor account types there are no lookups so users must know the proper account numbers rather than using the Field lookup form. To specify the customer or vendor account, users must place it in the MainAccount segment. When data is read using the office add-in the customer or vendor number will not show up in the MainAccount segment.

·         Single Document: Because there is not update, it is desirable to do this a single journal entry at a time. Ideally, this would enable field layout where header fields are in single cells and the line fields are in a tabular structure. Although this binding mechanism is supported for read only structures, it is not enabled for services in this release

·         Refresh All: The Office Add-in publishes data and subsequently refreshes the data to reflect any changes that may have resulted from sending the data to the server. For instance, services may provide defaulting and calculations that affect the information in the worksheet, and so data are re-read after being published. When working with a single journal entry, it is cumbersome to enter a filter and see only the data that has been sent. Users will expect to see just the data they entered. One trick around this is to put a filter in that matches something unique in the single entry or set of entries that the user is uploading, or set the filter to be greater than the latest transaction number

·         Main Account Picking: In scenarios where users do not need to specify all segments of the account structure, they still may want to add them to the template as the add-in requires them to be added in order for the field lookup button to work.



Best Regards,

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ewills responded on 7 Dec 2012 12:44 PM

Hi Bill, I am having problems with creating new records. I am able to refresh the excel which pulls the records from AX. The publish data option in the excel is greyed out. I clicked again on the field chooser in order to enable 'publish data' but it is always greyed out for me. Any idea why I am not able to?  I enabled the in-bound ports for ledgerServices.

ewills responded on 7 Dec 2012 7:52 PM


Syed Mansoor Adeel responded on 7 Dec 2012 8:48 PM

For Excel Add-In, number sequence should be Manual. If your current number sequence is continuous then use another journal name to import your journal which have number sequence on manual.

For data import in AX 2012 Data Migration Framework is more easy and good to use, there are many entities by default available to import using DMF. You can check how to install & use in a blog I have prepared to share DMF functionality. Below is the link:


Vishal Mehta responded on 13 Jan 2013 12:27 AM


I did try your steps, I got the general journal service working and I can see it in excel now.

Only issue I have now is when I publish it is publishing only journal table and not journal lines, does not give any errors too.

Can you let me know what can be the issue, also I am bit confused on to create header and lines in Excel.



Charty responded on 21 Mar 2013 1:19 AM

Hi ,

I'm having the same problem. I can import journal header but not journal lines. When I publish it just deletes the lines from my spreadsheet without giving an error.

Jason Greene responded on 29 Jan 2014 10:39 AM

Did this ever get resolved.  I am getting same thing

Torben.Bedsted responded on 11 Mar 2016 1:31 AM

Hi Bill,

Do I understand you correctly that this service only can upload one header and one posting line at a time? To me that doesn't sound as a logical design and should that be the case, the service seem of very low value.

Best regards,


Colby Gallagher responded on 11 Mar 2016 7:31 AM

Torben - No, this can upload 1 header and many posting lines at one time.  

Kira Smart responded on 16 Mar 2016 2:57 AM

You know, I used to have the same problems... Since then I have switched to another Excel Add-in Zebra . I like how the tool works, and if I have any issues with using it, I can contact the professional support team via email.

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Torben.Bedsted responded on 16 Mar 2016 8:20 AM

Have you tried to follow this:




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Torben.Bedsted responded on 16 Mar 2016 8:20 AM

Have you tried to follow this: