What pushed microsoft to introduce surrogate keys i nAX202?

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  • AX2012 used a lot of relations based on RefRecId. Because users wouldn't see recIds everywhere in de GUI, surrogate keys were introduced. Ax will automaticaly use this key to replace the recIds with the field in this key so the user can understand them.

    I'm guessing the reason they moved to relations on RecId is so performance is improved, and also because the table enheritance uses the RecIds to link parent/child tables.

  • thanks for the information

  • Also reducing data duplication to reduce database size overall. If you have to link on multiple varchar fields, you have to repeat those same fields everywhere on other tables. Linking on RecId just uses up 1 int64 field regardless of the amount of alternate key fields you need, reducing the duplication of that data, and as already mentioned, improving performance.

  • Maybe it reduces the duplication of data and improves performance, but it makes the import and export of data at some points quite difficult. Or is there a tool available that I missed (I know of the Excel-addin and the regular data im-/export)?

  • I agree Xander Vink, for functional consultants, migration phase has become in an impossible tasks, now we need technical consultants to create classes to import the tables.

    It's supposed Microsoft develops a new tool for migration??? In my opinion,... yes, we will have a new tool for migration in a short time.




    Cristina Carcelén

  • In my opinion, there is no real out-of-the-box solution for data migration that really works. We have created a migration tool ourselves internally, and have successfully migrated a customer, with 3 more planned. Unfortunately my company does not sell this product at the moment, although I could ask around if you're interested.

    Alternatively, check out Connectivity Studio by To-Increase:


    Although I have no experience wtih the 2012 version of their solution, their products have allowed us to migrate customers on AX 2009 successfully. Their solution is high quality and they really have the expertise for migration.

  • Atlas can be used to import into AX - report from your old system into Excel using Atlas, clean up the data and then use Atlas to import into AX 2012 (or any other AX).

    Request a free trial from www.globesoftware.com.au