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Hi everybody,


Does anyone know a good tutorial, e.g. to create a sales order or purchase order or create an invoice?



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  • Hi, Not an expert

    If you have a valid customer source login you should be able to download various tutorials there,

    they are both helpful and clear :)

    hopefully this helps you a bit to the right direction.

  • It depends what you need.

    The Microsoft training material mentioned here are quite comprehensive, but not at all "friendly" for a simple tutorial/demo for someone without extensive previous knowledge.

    There is an e-book on iTunes which provides a very high level, very simple step by step tutorial for several very simple scenarios.

    This is good to get an initial impression of the system, but it is not deep enough to really teach you how to use the system.

    The online help ("F1") has many step by step "How to" guides, which are useful in many cases.

    Zvika Rimalt * Dynamics AX Business Analyst/Functional Consultant * Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • Hi ZVIKA ,

    You have metioned that there is an e-book available on iTunes of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Could you provide me the link regarding that ?

  • Hello,

    of course if have access to partner source i would recommend starting there!

    you can try this website from microsoft with a lot of usefull links about training material, webcasts and podcasts (having partner source access would greatly improve your experience on this site):


    or maybe this unofficial site (it's pretty interesting and also focuses of the processes of financials, logistics and production):


    Hope this helps,

    Pavel C. Ondreicsik

  • Just search the same in youtube, you will good tutorials.


    Prabu S

  • if I take this question technically then here could be the answer.


  • My utlimate goal..  to put together a series stepping through the core fundamentals of using the Dynamics AX interface for processes like this one.  Unfortunately, I'm a little detained with finishing up my tutorial series on AIF then reports.  I just finished a beginning one on forms.  But in the future, I'll do it.  

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  • itunes.apple.com/.../id509370283

    Zvika Rimalt * Dynamics AX Business Analyst/Functional Consultant * Vancouver, BC, Canada