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I am creating a  new inbound port using HTTP adapter in AX 2012...

It is asking for selection of get the URI.

Where is this site location? Is it that it from IIS or  is it the one configured while AX installation?

I created a site as SysAdmin->Services & AIF -> Websites ....& the validation was sucess...

But the Activation of this port is not success... throwing error - deployment site could not found, could not deploy...

Can any body help?






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  • Make sure AIF services are installed and IIS is configured to host AIF services

  • AOS itself hosts WCF services and the URI just identifies the service, i.e. no web server or anything is needed. Just choose the address you like.

    Only if you need the service to be available from outside intranet, you'll have to use IIS to redirect incoming requests. See more in the documentation.

    Martin "Goshoom" Dráb | Freelancer | Goshoom.NET Dev Blog

  • Did you get this to work?  I'm not having much success using the HTTP adapter for exposing the web service externally so, I'm curious if you got it working.

    Check to make sure that the URL that you put in for your site is accurate.  You have to set up a web application in IIS and it needs to run in a app pool for .Net 4.0.  It has to have a bin directory in it as well.  It will tell you explicitly about the bin directory if you don't have one.

    Doesn't seem to be anybody who knows how to expose the AIF web services externally.  I can get it work over net.tcp all day long but, serving them up from IIS seems to be a mystery.  The documentation that I've found so far is vague.  Still looking....

  • I think the fourth chapter ("Services") of the Installation & configuration training material is quite detailed. Check it out.

    Martin "Goshoom" Dráb | Freelancer | Goshoom.NET Dev Blog

  • Make sure the URI for your website in Dynamics does NOT end with a slash "/".  So, you should have something like "http://myserver/mysite" as opposed to "http://myserver/mysite/"

  • AIF service should be installed.

  • Mike N Ike's solution worked for me :)

    It's always the stupid little things...