Dear all,

I am configuring a new company in AX 2012 CU2.  My client needs the financial dimension hierarchy in all forms of AX. The financial dimension in use are:

Business unit (Level 1), Cost center (Level 2), Department (Level 3)

The dimension combination is very important hence I have configured the same in Organization hierarchy and fetched the same in Account structure.  But this hierarchy is available only at the time of making a financial transaction in a journal.  When I try it in the default dimension of different masters, the hierarchy doesn't work as I can see all the cost centers below a business unit.  AX 2009 had a dimension hierarchy which worked beautifully in sub-ledger masters like item, vendor, customer etc.

Even in enterprise portal, an employee can select a wrong combination of financial dimensions.

Is there a way in AX 2012 to activate dimension hierarchy in masters and EP??