Configuring an Endpoint for AIF in AX 2012

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I am wondering whether or not it is possible to setup and configure an endpoint for AIF in AX 2012 much like in AX 2009 where I could set a constraint etc.. as I can't seem to find it for an Outbound port in AIF in AX 2012

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  • Off course you can, and has been many improvements in AX 2012 R2. Go to Administration -> Service and Application Integration Framework. There you will find what you seek.

    You can find a very good guide in this link.

  • I don't see anywhere where I can set a constraint, for example apply this service for only a specific customer. In AX 2009 there was a constraint tab under Endpoints but I don't see anything like this in AX 2012

  • There is a security FastTab at the end where you can set some constrains but what your are looking can be achieved using document filters and assigning default values. Check first the technet documentation at

    Also for a security approach see this

  • No the security FastTab isn't what I mean. I've looked around and according to this:

    Endpoint Constraints weren't upgraded from AX 2009 to AX 2012. So how do I specify so that if an Invoice is generated for customer XYZ, that invoice will get added to the AIF Queue ready for processing via a Batch Job?

    This was so much easier in AX 2009..

  • In AX 2012 there is the "Legal entity" framework. Go to "Outbound ports", press button "Data policies", select a field and add legal values in fasttab "Legal values for <fieldname>" at the bottom. On "Outbound ports" you must select "Validate document XML". First of all, every document will be added to AIF queue. When the batch job runs, these entries, where the legal values don't match, get the status "Error" with message "Failed legal value validation ...". So it was designed from Microsoft. Something new but only figured out and implemented up to 40 percent.

    I need to bother with this change also: I have a customer who exports 20 to 25 invoices per month with AIF and we are using 6 different endpoints in AX 4.0 for these invoices. In AX 4.0 I have 20 to 25 entries in AIF queue per month, that's manageble for the customer to check if all invoices were exported successfully or not. In AX 2012 we will have with the same situation up to 90.000 entries in AIF queue every month! And after the AIF batch job runs from these 90.000 entries appoximately 89.975 entries will have status error. For the customer this is never possible to check, whether there are some invoices which cannot be exported due to an error.

    I absolutely cannot explain myself what was Microsoft thinking about this!!!

  • So EVERY Invoice for EVERY Customer will get added?! That's ridiculous, how do I clear the ones with errors?

    I only want Invoices for a specific customer be added to the AIF queue when they're generated and all other invoices for other customers be printed on paper, as normal.

    I had this working so easily in AX 2009 but now with AX 2012 it seems so complicated..

  • I am trying to get the PurchInvoice service to work in AX 2012 like it does in AX 2009 using the AIF batch process.  Is there a way without using endpoints, to get AX 2012 AIF to know which AX company the incoming invoice is to be processed in?

    Thank you.