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I am trying to setup course (no problem), questionnaire with questions related to this course (not any problem as well), and have them work together - mean to have questionnaire as 'part' of education, and evaluate skill level gained during the course based on questionnaire results.

Problem I am facing is that I cannot tie them together, whatever I've tried, proper answers to questions in questionnaire (at the moment I've reduced it to one question only to avoid problems here) does not result in having courses status as passed.

Could maybe anyone help me by pointing how to make questionnaire (test question) working as skill testing & trigger to change course status for employee? If possible, do not please sned me to documentation (at the moment I know I believe each word in it), but would more appreciate information like ' my case I did that and that and that and then it works..'



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  • Hello,

    Did few steps ahead - currently I can:

    1. Create project type refering to desired skill level:

    2. Create course based on this course type:

    3. Tie together questionnaire created for skills evaluation with this course using 'schedules' and 'planned answer session' (greyed out below, but it is because of questionnaire was filled, and course is closed already):

    4. Questionnaire becomes available when time window for it to be completed is started; questionnaire is completed, its results are noted (see 'passed' at the bottom below):

    Unfortunately - even if:

    - questionnaire was tied together with both: course and employee

    - questionnaire was filles and passwd as result is visible above

    - course was closed and 'Transfer courses to course competency' was ticked when closing

    - employee still does not have its competency raised; it is still '2' while after course should be raised to '3':

    Any advices please? I believe I omitted some steps, but I am unable to identify them. Obviously I've made assumption that it is possible to have skills raised automatically after course completion even if it was not wrotten clearly in any MS docs I've seen, but I believe it works as seems obvious. Anybody was able to manage raising skills automatically after course completion?



  • Hi Tomasz,

    How do we change the status of course confirmed staffs to passed. i request you to kindly share me the details ASAP if possible.