Item Not Found when adding item to the transaction in Dynamics AX POS 2012

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Dwi Lestari asked a question on 21 May 2013 10:28 PM

Dear All, I have problem with Dynamics AX POS 2012. Hope you can help me.

On the server, I am using Dynamics AX demo VPC version (downloaded from source partner). The system is running well. The database is using SQL Server 2012. I install Dynamics POS in our G5 machine (client machine). On this client machine, I install component: Dynamics POS, Dynamics Database Utility, Dynamics Salt Utility.


I log on to POS in server (connected to store ID :NEWYORK, Register ID=NEWYORK-1, User Login=000137, Database =RetailNewYorkStore). I able to start transaction for some items and then complete the transaction (Cash). It is working very well. I view product detail of item 0002. The price is 39.9


I log on to POS in client POS machine (connected to store ID :NEWYORK,RegisterID=NEWYORK-1, User Login=000156, Database =RetailNewYorkStore). Every time I choose item to start transaction, the message “The item cannot be found” shows up. I view product detail of item 0002. The price is empty.

I have run job N1040 successfully but price in client PC is still empty. I assume that both POS using the same register and the same database/server, but why the POS application in client POS machine acts like some informations in the database/setting are empty ? Do I miss some setup steps on client machine? Thanks a lot for your help

shaax responded on 15 Jul 2013 9:57 AM

Hi,We are also facing same issue,Did you get any solution.