AX retail issues regarding Serial number and Scheduler jobs

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Prosenjit Ganguly asked a question on 21 Jun 2013 1:20 PM

Please help me regarding some issues of ax 2012 retail r2.

1) We have purchased some items with serial number . While selling items in POS it is showing serial numbers but allowing same serial numbers multiple times.

Please let me know how to restrict this.

2) Another issue i am facing that N jobs are running fine and data is replicating well but A jobs are running successfully but data is not replicating. Please help me.

venkatesh vadlamani responded on 22 Jun 2013 1:30 PM

For A jobs you need Actions

Editing some records in a table ,the fields edited should be part of filter on actions for the specific table.

Once this is present there is a preaction generated for this specific change in record.

Now the changes related to products should be part of some assortment which should be published and active.

Now you need to run the action generator . This creates actions for the change you have done to sync accross the distribution locations based on the assortment. Once the actions are ready. Run the specific n job , and you can have the corresponding location DB's updated with the data that is supposed to be synced

For serial numbers , you should be generating the statement for this. Only when the statment is posted the sales are invoiced, only then the serial will be consumed through the corresponding inventory transaction

Till then the Ax will not have clue whether an item is sold or not.

If you want them to reflect immediately , you might need to customize your POS and transaction service class based on the requirement

Prosenjit Ganguly responded on 23 Jun 2013 2:29 AM

Thanks Venkat. This will be very help ful for me if you write steps for running A type jobs . Thanks in advance.

venkatesh vadlamani responded on 23 Jun 2013 2:59 AM

In Retail Setup area,

FilterOnTableActions  form and TableDistribution Form

A field whose change supposed to sync to POS will have to be mentioned in the FilterOnTableActions.

TableDistribution form select the tree view and check the parent in the view for a given table whose data you are trying to sync. Here the dependency for syncing the info is specified based on table relations.

For anything related to product prices,product details etc,  the Product or the container category should be part of an assortment where the locations are to mentioned to which locations it needs to sync the data to and these assortment is supposed to be published

These are basic setup's available in retail documents in MSDN .

Now Once this basic setup is present in your system.You need to schedule your Action generator schedule in RetailScheduler.

Finally your A-job schedule  , set it in batch execution .

Any modification on a record that need to be synced to pos (** As mentioned in Filter on table actions form)  will generate a preaction.

the Action scheduler which is in batch will pick them up from preactions and creates actions for each distribution location .

These actions once created are picked by action job to raise a sync request to sync the data from ax to POS for the specified (TableID,Recid) combination and hence the records are synced.

Your setup is very important for A jobs.

Quick Note : Any data that is imported using excel addins,using doinsert(),doUpdate,doDelete() will never sync to POS through A-Job

venkatesh vadlamani responded on 23 Jun 2013 3:03 AM

Sry jumped the button, excel addin data i am not sure, but it never worked for me

venkatesh vadlamani responded on 4 Jul 2013 9:43 AM

Typo error , its Ajob not njob in the earlier reply sorry for that