Dear all,

In my workflow config, there will be only ONE approver after submitted.

But i want to know the approver before submit it

So i wrote a job like below:

static void getApproverTest(Args _args)


    MyTable                 myTable;

    container               con;

    WorkflowCorrelationId   workflowCorrelationId;

    WorkflowWorkItemTable   workflowWorkItemTable;

    WorkflowTrackingStatusTable     statusTable;


    myTable = MyTable::find("IS00001"); 


    workflowCorrelationId = Workflow::activateFromWorkflowTemplate("MyWorkflowTemplate",




    select firstonly statusTable

            order by CreatedDateTime, RecId desc

        where statusTable.ContextTableId == _tableId

           && statusTable.ContextRecId == _recId;


    if (statusTable)


        select firstonly trackingTableApproval        //seems the workitem & approval didn't insert yet... only have ONE submit record here

                order by CreatedDateTime, RecId desc   //the other record seems need do ttscommit and then case see it

            where trackingTableApproval.CorrelationId == statusTable.RootCorrelationId

               && trackingTableApproval.TrackingContext == workflowTrackingContext::WorkItem

               && trackingTableApproval.TrackingType == workflowTrackingType::Approval;



         User = trackingTableApproval.User;  //so here will be return "";


    ttsabort; //