Using Dynamics AX 2012.

Not sure if my terminology is correct, but how do I personalize a table/grid to show the category node on the "Products by category" page from [Product information management]?

So supposing I had a category called Main Site, then I created a category node called "Aisle 1" and another called "Aisle 2".  Then I associated some products to either Aisle 1 or Aisle 2.  When I click on the "Products by category", I want the table/grid to show a column that will list out the "Aisle 1" and "Aisle 2" nodes in the list of products that shows up.

I had tried right clicking on the table/grid and hit "personalize".  Not sure exactly what I did, but I selected some "Category" fields and managed to crash AX entirely - then whenever I hit "Products by category", it would automatically crash AX.  Only when I reset all personalizations was I able to enter the "Products by category" again.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!