We are using BizTalk Server 2010 and the Dynamics AX 2009 Adapter to send large xml messages to AX 2009 using the business connector and AIF.

The message is not transmitted to AX, if the message size is > ca. 20 MB. Then the business connector terminates the session with the following messages in Windows event viewer:

Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Connector Session 4

RPC error: RPC exception 5 occurred in session 4

RPC error: RPC exception 37580096384 occurred in session 4

We already did a lot of recommended settings concerning the message size (registry settings concerning maxbuffersize, web.config, etc.) and cannot find a solution for the described problem and are not quite sure if this error message and the fact that the session is terminated ist still related to the message size or if it could be any other reason.

In case of the described situation above, the session is terminated within a few seconds.