Hi All,

 I found 1 issue but not sure is it  an issue or not… I noticed that as long as I have the un-clear Quality Order then all other user not able to post their transaction (e.g. Product Receipt, Purchase Invoice, & etc. if any).

 The steps, (e.g.):

  19-Jun > Create Purchase Order (qty: 10,000) & confirmed it.

  19-Jun > Posted 1st Item Arrival Journal (for this PO) for qty: 2,000.  1st Quality Order auto-generated by AX.

  19-Jun > Passed the 1st Quality Order (for the 1st Item Arrival Journal) for qty: 2,000

  20-Jun > Posted 2nd Item Arrival Journal (for 2nd delivery) for qty: 2,000. 2nd Quality Order auto-generated by AX.

  Now onwards (as long as the 2nd Quality Order still in "Open"), I cannot post Product Receipt (for 1st delivery or DO/Tax Invoice) with error:

    "The update has been blocked because the item is in inspection or because there is a conflict between a parameter setup and a policy in a quality association."


 Note: the Receiving flow:

Item Arrival -> Quality Order -> Product Receipt