I have a catch weight item for which i need to record the weight shrinkage using the Inventory Adjustment Journal.

The scenario is as follows:

Item Name : Mutton Carcass

Inventory Unit : KG

Catch Weight Unit : Each

Catch Weight Minimum Value : 20GK

Catch Weight Nominal Value : 25GK

Catch Weight Nominal Value : 30GK

The item's original weight at the time of purchase was 26KG

But after some time, it got shrink, and the weight became 25.5GK

Now we need to record this 0.50KG shrinkage by using the inventory adjustment journal.

The issue is that it is a catch weight item, and the AX does not allow to enter a value less than

the Catch Weight Minimum Value mentioned above (20KG).

Question : How can I record the weight shrinkage of 0.50KG  ?