Issue reading the help documentation:

Inside "On-account invoice setup" we can read...

"Use this form to set up an on-account invoice.

Click Project > Projects and select the project you want to create the on-account setup for.

Click Invoice > On account.

In the On account window, click CTRL+N to create a new line, and enter the on-account invoicing amount on the line.

Create additional lines by selecting the Offset transaction check box to indicate that the line is an offset line and entering the amount with a negative sign.

The on-account invoicing setup includes an optional number of offset transactions. The sum of the offset transactions should correspond to the on-account amount."

The fields available in the Transaction region are:

-Transaction ID

-Transaction text

-Transaction status (Registered)

-Transaction origin (Prepayment/Deduction/Milestone)

We also checked the "Record Info" Show all fields and we are unable to find it...

Please... Where is the offset transaction check box located?

Kind regards

Pura Arias