Hello Everyone,

I posted this question earlier on yammer but unfortunatelly could not get a solution.

I have problem with executing a sales order picking with "System directed" menu item on the device, with the "Pick and pack" option selected.

With a simple scenario, where I have two works created for one load, with no staging, one work line (one item) on each work, the process seems to go through the process on the device, including the put step with multiple items (2 in my case)

When I look at the works, one will be in "Combined" status on the work header, all work lines closed, the other work (to wich the 'combined' work items was added) is in closed state (with all lines closed). So everything appears good so far.

The problem is that when I look at the sales order, only one of the items appear to be picked, the other is still in 'reserved physical' for its issue status. When I look at the 'On hand by location' form, I find this item still sitting on the user location, which was used for the device - and I am a kind of stuck at this point.

One more thing - any work created with the same settings (work template, items, etc.) goes through fine if I use a menu item where the pick and pack is not enabled, so this is why I think selecting this option causes something here.

Has anyone any suggestion what might be wrong here?

Thanks a lot in advance