My client has 15 (C1, C2,C3......C15) different companies in AX.

There is a user A created in Company C1 and have access to 5 companies (C1 to C5) out of those 15. This can be seen from Administration -> Common Forms-> Users screen -> Company Access Tab.


I logged in different companies and below are the output i could see in user based workflow assignment step for Timesheet Workflow configuration.

Company C1 and C2       -   I could search & select user A as approver.  Not sure why this user is listed for C2 company?

Company C3, C4 and C5  -  User A is not present in the list. What should I do so that user A would be visible in the approver dropdown list for these companies?

Please let me know in case anyone faced this before and resolved. Thanks.