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Luuk Schulte asked a question on 20 Mar 2015 5:35 AM

Hi all,

Through EDS, I am able to restrict a user from seeing for instance all vendors of vendor group X an Y, but he will be able to see the vendors belonging to group IC. I have manged to do this via a query (middle picture) with datasource "VendGroup" and range "VendGroup" with value IC (right picture). I have then coupled this query to a policy (left picture) with two constrained tables. When I couple this to a user, the user only sees vendors in the VendTable and PurchTable which belong to VendorGroup IC.

When i do exactly the same thing but only on a ENUM field, the values are not filtered, I find this very strange... I read this is because ENUM is not table based.

Can I filter/restrict ENUM values per user without code adjustments, so only via duties, privileges, queries and policies etc? Do you have any suggestions?

Best regards,

Luuk Schulte

Bilal Issa responded on 20 Mar 2015 7:10 AM

Hi ,

on the range value you need to put the label of the enum element not the name.



Luuk Schulte responded on 20 Mar 2015 7:15 AM


Thank you for your answer.

I have tried using the label like this:

I have also tried using the index nr. and the Name but somehow, it does not work.



Luuk Schulte responded on 24 Mar 2015 3:11 AM