Cannot Deploy CUBE in analysis Server due to DAT company

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Chensa Sapalo asked a question on 4 Apr 2017 5:16 AM

Hi im deploying the cube in the analysis server but getting this error

I already changed the default company  for the enterprise portal  from default (DAT) to the company im using and the fiscal calendar in the company im using is already set up.  As you can see below:

Sys Add > Setup > EP > Website > General

But upon deploying the CUBE the dfault company is still gets the DAT.
how can i change this or fix it so when deploying it will read the company im using..

THank you.

Jonathan Corrales responded on 6 Apr 2017 9:33 AM


I think you can ignore that warning right? You can continue with the deployment.

PS: The EP setting will not affect the SSAS configuration.

Another thing you can do is to assign a fiscal calendar to the DAT company, even though your are not going to use that company.