Posted status - Concluded. What does that mean?

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The AX Padawan asked a question on 19 Jun 2017 12:56 PM

I have some payments that were made at POS using the Customer Account Deposit action for a few accounts.  When I tested them they posted fine with the Retail Open Statement (Retail > Journals > Open Statement).  Later on I did these ones (which are credit card transactions) and they say concluded instead of posted and they never showed up on the Open Statement.  Any clue why I get concluded?

This is a screenshot of Retail > Inquiries > Retail Store Transactions.  Let me know if you guys know this.

The AX Padawan responded on 19 Jun 2017 2:54 PM

How can I get them to post and be available to apply to invoices?

The AX Padawan responded on 22 Jun 2017 8:12 AM