Recalculation journal 2018 has settlement transactions of 2013

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nglehang asked a question on 18 May 2018 1:36 AM

Dear All,

I have an Item that Zero on-hand since 2015 and stopped Inventory since that time. 

We done Inventory Closing every month. 

But until now, when we run Recalculation in Apr 2018, I checked "Settlements" amount and found that there are some settle transactions for transaction that done since 2012 of Item that already stopped from 2015. 

Value Open of those transactions was NO already.

E.g: this below PO number was done on 28th Sep 2012, but has been recalculated on 30th APR 2018. 

Can anyone here please let me know how to remove those adjustment on this items?

Thank you in advance.

André Arnaud de Calavon responded on 18 May 2018 2:41 AM


This depends on what happened recently on this item. Can you tell if you had posted an invoice or misc. charges? You have to analyse all related inventory transactions to be able to know why this had been posted. Was this adjustment one amount or was it already posted in the past and just recently there is a new flag of closing on April 30?

nglehang responded on 21 May 2018 8:57 PM

Hi Andre',

I checked and found that there are not any new posted, all are done in that past period.

Financial Date & Physical Date are the same.

Value Open of those transactions was NO already.

Item has been stopped for Inventory already.

Inventory Closing is done monthly, therefore not any open period to post invoice backdate long time like that.

The adjustment just posted on Closing of April 30, this closing journal has posted adjustment for some transactions of 2012 , 2013, 2014 (not only one example transaction above)