Bank to Bank Fund Transfer with system generated cheque,

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Paul Dipankar asked a question on 20 Jan 2010 4:52 AM

In Ax 2009 , throught cheques master i want to make a trasaction where the
accounts type is "Bank". can I use the cheques which in hv define in the cheque
master in Ax 2009 Bank Module.

Entry will be

Cash A/c --- Dr

Bank -Cr 

 Both will be in Bank master as sub ledger.

Its very urgent , if any one have soluation please let me know.

Dipankar Paul

SUDHAKAR POTTURI responded on 21 Jan 2010 2:25 AM



Yes you can do it is there any issue u faced while doing it

Paul Dipankar responded on 21 Jan 2010 2:31 AM

yes, there is a problme, cheqe no can not coming .

Can you please send me the step.


This cheque no can only take when, account type is Customer,Vendor,General Ledger Code. If it is Bank Type then it will not come.


you send me you maild id , i am sending you the details.

my mail id is






SUDHAKAR POTTURI responded on 27 Jan 2010 2:28 AM


Go to payment journal , go to line in generla tab change the account type to bank and come to overview tab and gice first bank or cash account maintained in bank account.

Offset also give as bank account and generate payment

You can mail me at for furthur quiries.