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Pass Parameter from one form to other form without datasource

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Raghu G S asked a question on 12 Jul 2018 10:55 AM
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My Requirement is i have a standard form LedgerJournalTable , while opening this form i am succesfully filtering the journal names based on the location . For this, i am using parameter which i am passing through menu item property(Menu item which is calling the form LedgerJournalTable ) now my requirement is i want to pass the same parameter to the scuccessive form i.e LedgerJournalTransVendPaym , which we will get by clicking on the lines tab in action pane, for this i need the parameter to filter the method of payment lookup.

I have found many blogs where i can pass the parameter with the help of datasource,but here since i am using my first parameter through menu item parameter property, no value is available in data source , 

Please help me to get best possible approach.


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