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Purchase Order cancel and back to Release PR

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Febriani Vira asked a question on 10 Aug 2018 12:00 AM

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Hi All,

I got a problem when user do the mistake in release PR to PO (user wrongly chose PR). the way to correct that I knew is remove the PO line and the record will be back to Release Approved PR from. now, I do the same way but it doesn't work smoothly. 

for the latest case I remove the PO line (from release PR), but the PR status still close and not go back to Release Approved PR from. is my way wrong? or is there any configuration that affect the process? 

please help,

Thanks in advance



Albrecht Prieler responded on 10 Aug 2018 3:52 AM
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Hello Vira,

i have tried it out for sure, it works, no necessary Setup for that. if you cancel PO line PR is again at released approved PR

Maybe you have a customization.

Check if on po line /Details if there is a reference to PR, that is important otherwise it will not work

hope this helps


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