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Different Total Amount from Z-Report and Retail Sales

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wahyu.ramadhan asked a question on 13 Sep 2018 4:22 AM

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Hi Guys

I use Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 to run 3 stores.

I tried to compare daily report between Z-Report and Retail Sales report, however, I find differences between both reports.

Though the difference is small, in our perspective the data between Z-report and retail sales report should be match since both report use the same data source.

Is there any solution/ justification about this issue?

Any help and opinion for this matter is highly appreciated.

Best regards,

Rodolfo Recalde responded on 28 Sep 2018 2:25 PM
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Hi Wahyu,

What version of your application? 2012 R3 CU10, CU11 ...? 

If you do not have any kind of customization in the POS, the first action would be to update the POS to a lasted version.

In recent years, microsoft has fixed some problems related to totals values, payment methods, discount ....

Such as this:

KB 4338437Recalled order on POS creates duplicate transactions and thus causes incorrect values printed on the X and Z-reports

Product and version: AX 2012 R3
Fix type: Hybrid update
Released Date: 6/22/2018

A recalled order on POS creates duplicate transactions. This causes incorrect values being printed on the X and Z-reports.


The changes in the hotfix resolve the X/Z-report issue on EPOS by making sure that no pickup order transactions amount is added to the total amount, such as the "Sales total amount", "Tax total amount", and "Discount total amount."

As for the same issue on MPOS, it has been fixed in the hotfix KB 3217394 (, and the current fix depends on it.

This hotfix also fixes the "Retail sales" shows pickup order transactions issue in Microsoft Dynamics AX. This issue is fixed by filtering out that type transaction with "customer order mode" equaling "pick up."

Important: This hotfix contains one or more reports. Make sure that you have imported all of your modified reports into the AOT, and then install the hotfix, and redeploy the reports.


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