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Bob at NGL asked a question on 13 Sep 2018 9:35 PM

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Apparently this is designed behavior in AX 2012 RTM. I accidently edited and activated the wrong account structure. I went back later and activated the correct one, however, there are now two rows in the DIMENSIONHIERARCHY table for the one I accidentally edited, one that is in draft and one that is not. Only the one that is in draft shows up in the Account Structures form.

That structure is not assigned to any Chart of Accounts, so it should't affect posting in any way, but I have several integrations that look for the "Active" account structure. Now that they are finding two, they fail. I can modify them, but it would be preferable to do away with the unnecessary, hidden, active account structure.

Any suggestions on how to rid of it when I can't even see it on the Account Structures form?


Hello Bob,

There were a couple of issues with the account structures in RTM/R2 that have been fixed through hotfixes.

Is it an option for you to upgrade to a later version (R3) that does not have those problems?

Best regards,



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