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EP Timesheet - Activity/Task times out when trying to load values. Reboot fixes it?

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bRradlyJames asked a question on 11 Oct 2018 8:52 AM
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Yesterday, several of my EP TImesheet users were reporting that the Activity/Task drop down was taking a long time to load values or just completely  timing out all together.

We ended up doing a reboot of the servers that contain EP, AOS (Multiple), and SQL.

This did fix our issue but I'm wondering if someone knows WHY it fixed our issue.  Is there some cache somewhere that a reboot is clearing out?  Would there be a way to fix this without rebooting all of our servers?

I'm hoping to figure this out so we can fix this issue in the future without taking down the AX/EP system.


Hi bRadlyJames,

Possibly there was a blocking SQL statement on the SQL server? If you have the same issue again, try to monitor the current activity on the AOS and SQL machines. Then you would probably know more. I have seen some slow behavior in the past due to customizations only.

bRradlyJames responded on 11 Oct 2018 9:31 AM
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Very good idea.  I will take a look at that the next time this happens.  Thank you!


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