My company switched to Dynamics AX back in May and I have had this problem from the get-go, and I was wondering if I could get help on it.   When shipping out a sales order, I go into it, and for each item line, I have to reserve the product.   Highlighting the specific line, going up to the "Inventory" tab, and clicking "Reservation" under the "Maintain" header gives me this:

Now, I prefer to manually reserve the serials for each item for the shipment because it leaves too much to chance doing it automatically (I've had problems with serials being automatically reserved to future sales orders and it is a pain trying to unreserve them for use on the current day's shipment).   The process currently stands to reserve the specific serials to "x" boxes/pallets/crates on the floor that have those serials attached to them.   Though this is a "needle in a haystack" way of doing things if you have to go out on the floor and look at EVERY serial you are going to reserve.   This is why we run in batches of "x" on a specific production/manufacturing order.   Now I have "serial" and "batch" selected in the display dimensions, but it will only show the serials.   The batch column gives me nothing.   The work around I was given by our AX consultant to find the "higher" grouping, was to go back out to the sales order and open up "ReservationsOverview" under "Pick and Pack" in the header.  This is what I see:

What I really want to see is the MO Numbers (Manufacturing Orders), labeled under "Production".   As you see for this item (example), we run in batches of 8.   The "production" column is what I would like in the "Inventory Reservation" display--I want to see the Manufacturing/Production/Batch Number (however you want to word it), as WELL as the serials.   For us, if there are those 8 items out on the floor, it is a lot easier to look for an take note of MO-100011 and work with finding serials there (if you know you are going to ship out the whole lot).   

We usually batch in 8 or 6, so for some orders that we ship in which we can get more than 6 or 8 (10 usually), we have to grab one full lot (if it is a batch of 6), and 4 serials from a second.   Then the next order (if going in FIFO), you will have 2 serials from the remaining MO, another 6 from the next MO, and 2 serials from the MO after that to get our required 10 that will fill a truck up.

Is there a way to get the "production" column to display on the Inventory Reservation page, or re-route the "batch" column in Inventory Reservation to display the MO numbers?   It gets quite annoying to go to ReservationsOverview to find the MOs we will be using to ship out, jot down the range of serials for each, back out, and go into each line's inventory reservations to find those serials to reserve on the sales order line.