Hi Guys,

I'm struggling with adding the warehouse control to the "list items with setup" in the Item Coverage SetUp Interface.

The interface to edit is in the SetUp scetion of the Master planning module and it is as follows: 

My client's request is to add the warehouse found in the top of list when we click on item coverage button :

My problem is that when I add it, I get too many items records as long I have in the inventDim Table.

I'm working in the ReqItemTableSetup form by adding a new datasource named SPLInventDimLocation which is based on a view as you can see below in the images:

The view itself is based on query named SPLInventDimLocation:

In this query, I tried to ensure that we select only one record from InventDim by itemId. Therefore, I've changed the firstOnly property to Yes and i've set the fetch mode to 1:1

I've done the same thing in the init() and executeQuery() methods of the datasource as follows:

As a result, I'm getting too many items with the same item number in items with setup which is not efficient.

Can anyone explain to me why am I getting too many items numbers even when I use the first only property?

PS: I'm not using the display method to show warehouse control in order to ensure that filters and sort are allowed for users.

Thanks in advance.