I'm working on a problem with an integration between CRM and AX 2012 R3. The integration is using Scribe Insight.

When a Sales Invoice is generated in AX, XML messages are being placed successfully in the integration queue. The Scribe DTS is retrieves the current Document Hash value from AX and compares it to the Document Hash value in the XML message.  However, all of the Sales Invoice messages are rejected because none of the Document Hash values match the records current Document Hash.

The Sales Invoice is not being modified by the user after the creation. 

The curious thing is that the RecVersion is the latest value, but as stated above, the Document Hash has changed. It was my understanding that the Document Hash was a hash of the RecId and RecVersion values. If the RecVersion hasn't changed, why has the DocumentHash changed?

A follow up question is, if the Sales Invoice record has not been modified, why has the DocumentHash changed?