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Transfer order remaining quantity cannot be canceled

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Daniel Zook asked a question on 9 Nov 2018 1:02 PM
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We have a transfer order that shows 5 remaining on on line.  When we attempt to cancel that remaining quantity, AX throws an error message that states "The quantity cannot be reduced. The number of inventory transactions on order is too low because the quantity or part of it is referenced by an output order or a production order or is marked against other transactions."

The other odd thing about this transaction is that the line with 5 remaining shows a quantity of 10 in the output order, and three inventory transactions for 5.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to clean this up so that we can cancel the remainder?

Tatiana Garcia Ramos Ramirez responded on 12 Nov 2018 9:47 AM
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there is a output order created when you created the picking list. The output order is reserving the qty for each line. If you want to cancel you need to delete the output order first.

Go to the lines, and in the inventory>>out put order

And delete the out put order.

Daniel Zook responded on 12 Nov 2018 3:08 PM
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Thanks for the suggestion.  Unfortunately, when I try to delete the output order, this is the message that appears: "Output order IOO-01889268 cannot be deleted. All related lines to the output order must have a status that comes prior to Picked."

All the Transaction records for the output order are in status Completed.

I'm puzzled by the message, since I have deleted other output orders where the transaction records are in Completed status.

Any other suggestions?


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