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what is the meaning of settlement type designated transaction

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subashini bonkuri asked a question on 13 Jun 2019 3:13 AM
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Hi Experts,

What is the meaning of settlement type designated settlement type.

Could  anyone please explain me

Blue Wang responded on 13 Jun 2019 3:26 AM
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Hello subashini,

Please check the answer provided and let us know if this answered your question by verifying or not verifying the answer.

Many thanks and best regards,


subashini bonkuri responded on 13 Jun 2019 6:46 AM
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I did not understand


Hi Subashini,

The information provided by Blue Wang gives you an overview of the settlement options. If you have e.g. a payment journal and you mark invoices for settlement, the designated option will be automatically updated. This is for internal coding purposes. Based on the option, the system knows if it needs to settle transactions or not and if it should do it based on the marked settlements or automatically, starting with the oldest open transaction.


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