What e-commerce solutions are available for Ax 2012?

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  • Came across your question - Sana Software delivers a fully integrated e-Commerce platform for Dynamics AX, also for 2012. The web shop or sales portal can be setup in 7 days, and supports iPad for sales reps as well. Take a look at http://www.sana-software.com or at our YouTube channel at sanasoftware

    Bram Streefkerk


    Sana Commerce
    We take care of your integrated web store for Dynamics AX and NAV.


  • Ignify eCommerce has both B2C and B2B platforms integrated with Dynamics AX supporting version 3.0 to AX2012 with over 350 stores deployed in North America. It also has a cross browser web based and tablet based Order enter integrate with Dynamics AX as part of the solution for sales or customer service reps. One ofthe very few PCI certified eCommerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics. You can find more information at www.ignify.com/eCommerce.asp

  • Dynamicweb Software offers an all-in-one online business platform for websites, portals, ecommerce and online marketing intergrated with Dynamics AX, CRM, NAV and GP - http://www.dynamicweb.com