How to set up Test Environment for AX?

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MDG asked a question on 16 Oct 2008 10:23 AM


I need to set up a test environment that replicates or closely mimics my  companies current AX setup, which I did not personally configure. Actually we are really running Axapta 3.0, but we need the test environment for us to safely attempt an upgrade on before upgrading the production system.

 Does anyone have experience with this or can at least point me to a good resource?

Thanks in advance!


Bertil Hökerberg responded on 16 Oct 2008 12:06 PM


I suggest that you take a backup of your existing SQL/Oracle database and restore it into a separate database server. Install a new AOS and let this AOS use a copy of your application folder and the database copy just created. Now you have an EXACT copy of your production system. Anytime you want to refresh data in the test system, just run a full backup/restore of your database.

At my company we're running 25 AX implementations and we manage our test environments this way. It's very conveniant and easy to maintain. We have database sizes between  a couple of Gigabytes up to 150 Gigabytes.


MDG responded on 16 Oct 2008 3:04 PM


Thanks very much Bertil! Very helpful!

Rajdip Das responded on 17 Oct 2008 12:19 AM

Hi Michael,

I am stating u to create AX test environment step by step. AX 3.0 supports 3 Tier and 2 Tier both. As my opinion 2 tier configuration is the best environment for testing.


1. Install SQL Server or Oracle database

2. Create database in SQL server ( If oracle create Tablespace, Index, and provide necessary permissions)

3. Install AX 3.0 Application ( Don't Install AOS, AOS is aplicable only for 3 Tier)

4. Copy INDLocalisation Files from the DVD to Application folder if required

5. Install AX 3.0 Client

6. Install Service PAcks if required 

7. Create configuration from Axapta Configuration Utility

8. Open Ax.

9. Now follw up the check list....

If u need to configure AX 3.0 in 3 Tier mode then I will tell u... Hope this will help u....


Wei Chen responded on 21 Nov 2008 2:21 PM

Hi Rajdip,

 I have a relate question, because I never tried, so rather ask first.

In our both Test and Live AX4.0, there are multiple territory companies. Now we are adding one new compay, I add and setup everything in Test AX4.0 first, and everything looks good. Then I want to 'copy' it (new added company only) to Live AX4.0. If I use Standard Export/Import, will it be OK? will it impact data of other companies in AX Live? Anyting need to be pay attention during the operation?

What is your suggestion for the best way to do it?




Rajdip Das responded on 22 Nov 2008 1:31 AM

Hi Bill

Well Bill by one one word it will work very sucessfully but you have to conscious with following operation.

1. When you import(Standard Import dat/def) data from test to Live make very much sure about the datatbase does'nt have any Transactional Data. Only master table data will take place into the live database.

Some how your live data contains transactional data then you have to delete all the records manually which is not possible and also it is against the ERP practice. if u need more inforfation then pls feel free express


Wei Chen responded on 22 Nov 2008 7:09 AM

Thanks Rajdip!

Well if I do need transactional data such as open balance journal and lines copy over, what shall I do?

When master table copy over from test, will it impact to other companies setting in Live?

 Warm Regards


Rajdip Das responded on 23 Nov 2008 11:33 PM

Hi Bill

Well at first you have to create a list for Opening Balace Items such as Vendor wise Trial, Customer wise trial, Item Wise trial etc those you have required and then you have to upload intto Live database. Opening Balance will upload only in the selected company; i.e. in your standing company. No other companies will not be affected. Actually each table's insert/update/delete methords are called as per the "DataAreaId" field. So you can sure about that. If you need some basic list of items to be uploaded into Live database then I can provide you.... :)


Wei Chen responded on 24 Nov 2008 2:32 PM

Thanks Rajdip!

 So from my understand, the open balance journal I created in test company could not be copied to live. I have to re-do it in live again.

If you do not mind, please provide me your basic list of items to uploaded in live database...


Thhanks again!


Rajdip Das responded on 24 Nov 2008 9:05 PM

Hi Bill,

You are absolutely right, we can't upload Opening Balance data into live database. We have to pass the journal or import from Excel and then Post the entries for uploading opening balance into live database. Well Bill right now I dont have the list but I assure you that within 2-3 days I will provide you.... Pls dont mind... :)

Wei Chen responded on 24 Nov 2008 10:54 PM

Thanks a lot!

Sajeesh K A responded on 2 Jan 2009 2:12 AM

Dear Rajdip,

I was searching something in the forum and came to see your post regarding the opening balance. In fact I am doing 1 implementation and need some information.

As you said we can import the opening balance data. But when you post the records the opening balance data will not show under the opening balance column of Trial Balance. Once we have done the year end closing then only it will reflect in that column.

My questions is: Is there any way can we bring down the opening balance values under opening balance column of Trial Balance without doing year end closing in AX 4.0 ? Hope my question is clear. If you can help me out on this that would be great.

Awaiting for your kind reply, Thanks.



Rajdip Das responded on 3 Jan 2009 12:18 AM

Hi Sajeesh,

At first Happy New Year to you. Sorry Sajeesh in this regarding I cant help u. Actually I am technical person. I wrote code for opening balance upload into journal table. But  posting and others parameters I dont know. But after reading your problem I do two things those are...

1. I posted opening bal on the date of 31-Nov-2008 and Posted the same date. On today I ran the report with date range from 31-11-2008 to 03-01-2009, report shown correct

2. 2nd time I ran report from 01-01-2009 to 03-01-09, report shows me only accumulated value those are their opening value.

In this two casres I discussed with my SR. they told me Its absolutely Ok.

So, now can u please provide me a screenshots via mail attaching with your requirements then I can discuss with my Seniors.


Sajeesh K A responded on 3 Jan 2009 6:45 AM

Dear Rajdip,

A very happy & joyful new year you too. Thanks for your kind and quick reply. As per your example you are absolutely correct, because the Nov data will be transfered as opening balance when you do a financial year closing. I will explain my scenario in detail.

I am implementing AX 4.0 as a fresh and its a vanila implementation. The financial year starts on Jan 1st 2009. So I have taken all OB balances and uploaded using my tool. The tool which we have developed. So we will do the import on Jan 1st 2009 and post the journals on same day. So in this example if we taken the TB it will not show the data on opening balance column. As a solution what we have done we imported the data for Dec 31 2008 and close the financial year, so it will reflect as opening balance on Jan 1st 2009. I need to know is there any other weay in AX to achieve this requirement. Hope you are clear on my requirement. If you need I can send you the screen shots on Monday.

Basically I am very new to AX and last 10 years I am working on Dynamics GP as funcional consultant.

I really appreciate your helping mentality on this and its really nice to meet you.

Once again thanks a lot and have great year in front of you.

With Kind Regards,


Sajeesh K A responded on 3 Jan 2009 7:01 AM

Dear Rajdip,

Wish you a very happy & joyful new year.

Thanks for your quick reply. What yyou have suggested is absolutely correct. But my scenario is different. I will explain in detail:

I am doing a vanila implementation and the client is going to start using AX from fresh. The financial year starts on Jan 1st 2009 and we have taken all OB from previous system and imported into AX on 1st Jan 2009 as journals and posted the same. In this scenario if we take TB these transactions will not show under opening balance column. In your example you are posting on November and taking next year, so naturally it will show as opening balance. In my scenario, posting the OB journals is happening on the same financial year. Hope you are clear with my example. I will send you the screen shots on Monday if you need.

Currently we have imported the OB transactions on  Dec 31st 2008 and done the financial year closing. This is the correct method, but I need to know is there any other method if I can bring OB data under OB column without doing financial year closing procedure. So kindly discuss with your SR and let me know.

Basically I am very new to AX and past 10 years I am working on Dynamics GP as functional consultant.

Once again thanks a lot for your kind helping mentality.

Its very pleasure to talk with you and once again wish you a very successful new year in front of you.

With Kind Regards,

Mavy responded on 10 Aug 2017 8:50 AM

Hi Rajdip,

I was searching something in the forum and saw your post, I am relatively new to Dynamics AX 2012 R3. I am working on a complex query from account team. 

We can't close a project because of pending old time entries (2015). How can I post these pending entries without asking the Worker?

Can you please help?

Thanks in advance.