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MG1 asked a question on 1 Mar 2012 2:55 AM


i prepare environment for AX 2009 and i have 2 problems.

1. I prepare
environment for AOS TST, where i Install first AX TEST - its working fine.
I config AX TST with terminal service for AX TEST (Terminal Service is install on other server). Now i install on TST server other: DB, aplication files, AOS, client for AX DEV and AX KLN (on TST server) but i dont know how i can open it, how to enter in DEV or KLN AOS. Where i can take *.axc file to config terminal service for it? For TST i take *.axc file from
c\\:program files\microosft dynamics ax\50\businessconnector\bin\axclicfg but i dont see there cofig for DEV or KLN

2. Users to AOS will log from Terminal Service (cofing on other server) but i want to create autobalance for 2x AOS PRODUCTION. User will log from 1 *.rdp file to one of AOS AX PRD. I cant fine documentations about this how to cofig this? Can anyone tell me how to do it? or give me url to faq about it?

akuehn responded on 1 Mar 2012 2:55 PM


to your first question:

Ax has an configuration tool which helps you creating and managing client configurations. The Tool is called "Client Config Utility" and you can acces it under the administration menu of your system (windows).

For a detailed description please read this whitepaper:

This link should also helps you:

to your second question:

To setup a AOS cluster please see this link:

You can also find some informations on how to setup such a configurattion on Technet and MSDN. Please see this link.

MG1 responded on 7 Mar 2012 1:14 AM

Is there any possibility to merge two groups in ax 4.0 in one? with both priviliges?