AX 2009 - config

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i prepare environment for AX 2009 and i have 2 problems.

1. I prepare
environment for AOS TST, where i Install first AX TEST - its working fine.
I config AX TST with terminal service for AX TEST (Terminal Service is install on other server). Now i install on TST server other: DB, aplication files, AOS, client for AX DEV and AX KLN (on TST server) but i dont know how i can open it, how to enter in DEV or KLN AOS. Where i can take *.axc file to config terminal service for it? For TST i take *.axc file from
c\\:program files\microosft dynamics ax\50\businessconnector\bin\axclicfg but i dont see there cofig for DEV or KLN

2. Users to AOS will log from Terminal Service (cofing on other server) but i want to create autobalance for 2x AOS PRODUCTION. User will log from 1 *.rdp file to one of AOS AX PRD. I cant fine documentations about this how to cofig this? Can anyone tell me how to do it? or give me url to faq about it?

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