how to import the testing environment into a fresh copy ( live)

how to import the testing environment into a fresh copy ( live)

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Dear All,

i have worked on a dynamics ax 2012 testing environment, and i finished setting up the parameters and basic data, now i want to import the whole testing environment as is into a fresh copy to be used as live company, i tried to do this by creating a new legal entity but i got some errors while exporting and importing, any ideas with some screen shots ??


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  • can you suggest any answer

  • Hi,

    this is not that easy. You might try the export / import framework (formerly know as data migration framework).

  • I would suggest creating a specific definition group.

    We are fairly deep into AX2012 now so there are lots of interpretations of how to do this out there. This is one, but given with a complete disclaimer, I have not done it myself, have a look around to get a feel:

    There is also DMF Beta 2 now that will also enable this I believe.

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  • With the Data Import/Export Framework as mentioned in the comment of AndiRudi it is possible to achieve. You have to create new entities for all setup that is not supported out of the box.

    The option like mentioned in the post of Weaveriski is also possible, but many tables in AX2012 are record-id related. This might sometimes have some problems. This option is faster than creating new entities in the data import/export framework.If you plan multiple copy actions or like to test setup in a test environment and want to "merge" the setup later the Data Import/Export Framework is also suitable for this.

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  • Since you want all data copied you could use a backup/restore strategy to make a copy of the databases and point your live AOS to the new DBs.

  • Hi,

    My 2 Cents:  It is always risky to copy setup tables from one instance of AX to another. AX 2012 is quite complex, with super-normalized tables. A single mistake / glitch can put you into serious trouble. Especially if you discover the issue a month after starting transactions, when it will be impossible to either roll back or to fix the data.

    A better option is to do the setup directly on Production environment first and restrict user access. Then, restore a copy of production database to test environment. There, you can create some master and transaction entries for testing. Once you are satisfied with the setup, you can open it to users.

    Since, you have already done the setup once on test environment, you can copy data in two stages:

    1) Copy all the Parameters & setup (including small masters) manually.

    2) Import Masters using Microsoft Data Import / Export Framework (you should test it first)

    Best Regards,

    Michael Brown