Data Upgrade Script on Target System(Dynamics Ax 2012)

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manoj_ax asked a question on 29 Jun 2012 7:11 AM

Hi All,

I was running data upgrade checklist on target system i.e. Ax 2012. When I first time clicked on Launch Data Upgrade step(Bulk copy) I got an Info saying ' All jobs are finished'.And Cockpit form was blank i.e. there were no jobs to be run. It's little surprising to me. FYI-- During earlier step i.e. Table Mapping I can see it shows some table with error but hen after proper analysis I decided I can safely move ahead from here.Not sure but what can be the cause of this empty Cockpit loader form? Ideally it should show up all the jobs so that I can run them .And can start bulk copy. Can somebody help me here?

Do you think do I need to perform any upgrade framework installation on Ax 2012 as well or any other thing that I missed?

Please help.

Note: I have already  entered into single user mode in source system(Ax4.0). and completed all the steps on checklist here.


Manoj Parashar


Suresh Kotapalle responded on 29 Jun 2012 2:41 PM

Good start would be to restart AOS and launch the cockpit again.