We have a customization where we have added financial dimensions to the warehouse. One of the reasons was to track inventory cost/value by retail stores (each store is a warehouse in AX) without creating multiple sites. Warehouse financial dimension override is also applied at the purchase order, sales order and inventory journals level. So now we can also look up on hand inventory value from the general ledger as well by looking up trail balance using financial dimension set. The problem arises when there is a cost update. Standard AX updates cost at the site level. Since we are tracking the cost at warehouse level and on hand value is also maintained at the warehouse level, AX wont let us update and returns financial dimension error. I know it requires a customization but I would like to know the best way to approach this? Any suggestions?


Account Structure is setup with 4 financial dimensions: Channel, Product Line, Department and Store

Only financial dimension fixed on the Inventory Account in GL is 'Department'. 

Inventory Model: Standard