Hi All,

I'm currently working on a large AX 2012 R3 build. 14 AOS servers, 4 x AOAG SQL servers, 2 x SQL FCI SQL clusters. There are two data centres. One site will be a production site, the other will remain as a standby\BC environment with regular failovers for windows patching etc.

The issue I'm currently looking at is the Management Reporter Database which is hosted on the SQL FCI clusters, it's currently sat on one of the clusters in one datacentre and we will be using Double-Take replication to replicate the dbs to the SQL FCI cluster in the second site. Before I progress and anyone says why not put it on the AOAG, it's not going there, the customer doesn't want it that way.

I've done a test restore of the MR db to the secondary cluster, and started the MR services, but the Config Console won't connect until I've run the script, then it connects OK. The question is, is there anyway round this as we want to minimize manual steps in the failover process? I asked Microsoft, but they basically wouldn't give an answer in case they gave the wrong information.

If anyone has done this type of setup before and could give me a pointer please?